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Give your audience more than inspiration…

Ritu has a very personal and profound message to share with the world. The secret to changing your life is 3As Rule. And she can prove it.

Every event is very different from the next, and each speech is tailored to send your audience into the world with actionable tools, confidence, and the power to fully step into the leaders, collaborators, closers and communicators you strive to create.

Below are topics Ritu has hand-crafted using her expertise in human behaviour delivered through riveting, surprising, and relevant personal and historical storytelling:

What does an empowered woman look like?

Using power of self-talk to achieve success.

How to beat adversity and win.

Identify and nurture the leader within you.

Emotional Intelligence 

Healing yourself through trauma 

Domestic abuse and mental health 

Dealing with identity crisis  

What is my purpose here? 

How to make peace with your deepest emotional pain  



Help your staff/students understand what can influence thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. And let them have tools that will keep them inspired and motivated to do their best. 

Ritu Sharma specialises in Confidence and Behavioural change. 

The true secrets of being naturally confident and secure within themselves are taught to all those who attend her training sessions.  

Training sessions can also help teams and individuals overcome any personal barriers, stress, or anxiety they may be holding on to that is preventing them from being 100% efficient. 

Do you feel like there is more to you? But you are not sure what? 

Does it feel like that you want to tap into just that and live your purpose? 

I know how restless that can make you feel because I was there not too long ago.  

Claim your personal power and be all that you are meant to be. 


As a women’s coach, Ritu has helped many women to gather courage and change their life for good. 

Ritu Sharma specializes in guiding women on a deeply personal journey to unlock their true potential. Through one-on-one coaching, she helps you discover your inner strength and passion, leading to results that will not only amaze you but also transform you into a new, empowered woman. Embark on a path of self-discovery and growth, creating lasting positive changes in your life.  


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