About Me

Ritu radiates what she teaches
and speaks about.

She truly understands human
suffering and is compassionate,
having personally overcome major trauma,
burnout, breakdown, financial crises, and
even homelessness.

Whatever your current situation –
you, too, can turn your life around!

Ritu has worked with business owners,
entrepreneurs, professionals, and
individuals to help them tap into
their personal power and transform
their reality.

Ritu’s unique and effective talks,
impactful delivery training,
and teaching “ways that work”
have helped many to gather
personal power, change the
narrative and win at life.

Ritu has spoken at conferences,
events, and in front of teams,
leaders managers on how to
claim your greatness.
As well as speaking,
Ritu has worked with some of
the leading ladies and entrepreneurs
on how to create and enhance
positive connections personally
and professionally.

Regardless of what is going on in
your personal or professional life,
Ritu talks about the 3 key steps:

  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Action

Using these key ingredients, she
ensures that you maximise every
opportunity to live your best life
and that the methods you use help
you grow to your full potential.

This 40 something, mother of 2:

  • Founded and runs a not-for-profit,
    community organisation
    dedicated to empowering women,
    Kaushalya UK.
  • Has established a production company,
    Surkhab Productions, and is writing and
    performing theatre plays that address
    some burning, taboo subjects in our society.
  • Is a lead trainer at a prestigious
    international training company,
    Total Training Consultants
  • Founded and heads a literary and cultural
    organisation, Loona that is growing
    from strength to strength.
  • Wrote books/in books and counting.


And the journey has just begun…


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Books By Ritu

The New Woman

The New Woman

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The Book of Inspiration

The Book of Inspiration

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Resilient Voices

Resilient Voices

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Rich Man’s Rich Daughter

Launching in January 2022!!

The Speakers Journey

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